EQUESTRIAN'S UNITED was formed in response to a growing need for equine emergency networking in Northern California as well as a central hub for horse-related activities and opportunities for all who may be interested- whether they own a horse or horse-related business- or don't!

Our founding vision for our association is to promote, protect, and benefit our membership, all horses, and our communities as a whole- in as many ways as possible.

If you would like to stay fully informed, please see our facebook page at


Attendance to meetings and/or outings is not required of any member, other than Founders.   If you are available and would like to join us, please do so. 

Our Sacramento area membership meetings are held the FIRST Tuesday (TBA) of all EVEN numbered months at 6:30 p.m. at Sam’s Hof Brau, northwest corner of El Camino and Wattt Ave., Sacramento. All are welcome. No outside food or beverage, please.


The first Saturdays of odd numbered months are reserved for our outings. These are suggested, organized, and hosted by any members who wish to participate. Outings are not limited to the six designated Saturdays per year. On the contrary, we normally have an outing nearly every week in spring and fall. By contrast, we often limit December to just one outing, usually a holiday gathering.


There are NO DUES or fees of any kind for Membership.  Members enjoy discounts on entry fees and share-of-cost at all events and outings organized by EQUESTRIANS UNITED.

EQUESTRIANS UNITED tax id # C4226266

Donations to Equestrians United may be tax deductible - consult your accountant.

“Through the Days of Love and Celebration and Joy, and through the Dark Days of Mourning … The Faithful Horse has been with Us - Always.” - Elizabeth Cotten