By-Laws & Code of Conduct



Our "business rule" is the rule we live by. EQUESTRIANS UNITED believes in mutual respect and following the law at all times, in all aspects of business and fellowship. 

Upon becoming a member, you will receive the following documents:

1. Code of conduct

2. Trail ride etiquette 

3. Arena ethics

4. Safety rules

5. By-laws, listed below


Article 1 :  Name and Purpose
1.1    Name :  The name of this Association shall be EQUESTRIANS  UNITED, hereinafter referred to in these By-Laws as the “Team” or the “Entity”.

1.2    Purpose :  This Entity shall be non-profit in character and shall not distribute gains, profits, or dividends to the members thereof, under the laws of the state of California, a corporation pursuant to the general non-profit corporation law, and, more particularly, as prescribed in Part I of Division 2 of Title I of the Corporation Code.  The Entity shall have no capital stock.  Our Team’s focus shall be to strive at all times to be nondiscriminatory in ensuring honesty, fairness and fun for all while promoting family-friendly equine-related activities beneficial to our whole community.

1.3    Mission :      

I. To share our horsemanship heritage
II.  To provide opportunities for equine recreation and education
III.  To preserve our community’s horse-related history
IV.  To promote local business beneficial to horses and related activities
V.  To facilitate better fellowship and heighten safety among all responsible equestrians

Article 2 :  Membership and Dues

2.1 Membership with the Team is a privilege, not a vested right.  Our membership is closed to sex offenders, felons and to anyone known (by any member of our Team) to have neglected or abused any animal, as well as to anyone known (by any member of our Team) to have failed to report knowledge of animal neglect or abuse.
Application for membership is open to anyone without prejudice to age, race, sex, or religious or sexual persuasion.  Application procedures are prescribed by the Team Council.  Membership, or application, may be granted, rejected, or revoked by the Founders or by vote by present members of the Council and present Founders, for cause detrimental to the Team, its programs, policies, objectives, and harmonious relationship of its members.  The effect of a termination or rejection of membership may be denial of all member privileges, to be determined by the currently active Founders on a case by case basis.
Any person desiring membership in the Team shall submit to a Founder or Councilmember an appropriate application form, accompanied by the appropriate dues.  Dues varies by membership category and by time of year at which membership is to commence.  Current dues amounts are posted on our website :

2.2     Categories of Membership :
Search and Rescue  -  mounted vs. unmounted
Sheriff’s Posse – mounted vs. unmounted
Single (over 18 years of age AND not a full time student OR over 26 years of age)
Single Senior (over 65 years of age)
Married Couple
Family (Married Couple and all children under 18 years of age)
Youth (Student under 18 years of age)
Student (Verifiable full-time student 18-26 years of age)


2.3    Code of Conduct and Ethical Practices

Upon submitting an application for membership, the applicant shall receive the following documents :
Code of Conduct
Safety Rules
Arena Ethics
Trail Ride Etiquette

The member shall sign for the receipt and acknowledgement of these policies at the place indicated on the application and thereby agrees to abide by them.  Failure to do so is grounds for expulsion from the Team.

Under no circumstances shall any Team member contract for or incur any obligation to this Entity without first having secured authorization from the Founders.

Article 3 :  Meetings and General Powers

3.1    Membership Meetings are held once during all even-numbered months.  The current day, location and time are posted on our website :  All Team members present at any given membership meeting shall have an equal vote on any matter voted upon during said meeting.  No one who is not present may have a vote.  Voting on motions shall be completed by show of hands.  Voting on Founders or to remove a member from our membership will be completed by ballot.  For membership votes : married couples and families get as many votes as there are members present and in good standing, regardless of membership category.  For Council votes : same – each Founder and Councilmember present and in good standing gets an equal vote, regardless of membership category.


3.2     Council Meetings will be held as needed.  Council Meetings will not be held without the currently active Founders present.  

3.3     Order of Business for all Meetings :
I.    Review of Minutes from prior meeting
II.    Treasury Report
III.    Old and unfinished Business
IV.    Reports of any Committees
V.    New Business
VI.    Guest Speaker
VII.    Open Forum
VIII.    Adjournment

Roberts Rules of Order will be observed at all meetings.

3.4    Council

The Council shall consist of all Founders and one representative from each partner Club participating with the Team.  All Councilmembers must be members of the Team in good standing.  For 4-H, FFA and other youth groups, one adult leader in their Club and one youth over age 15 shall be in the Council.  For these types of Clubs and for community programs such as Mercy Housing, the members who belong to that group shall decide among themselves how to determine which of their members shall represent them in the Council.  Every Council member present at any given Council meeting shall have a vote.  No one who is not present shall have a vote.  It is not required that the representatives to our Team Council from these Clubs be the same each time.

3.5    Founders

After three years of consecutive membership, a member in good standing may be nominated by any other member in good standing for consideration as a Founder.  The Founders and Councilmembers present shall vote on whether or not the member becomes a Founder.  Founders do have responsibilities, and the benefit of continued Founder status is dependent upon those responsibilities being continually fulfilled.  Founders must attend all meetings and functions and participate in all votes.  Founders are our Leaders.  They take the stewardship of our Team very seriously and are known for promoting and protecting our membership, all horses, and our communities as a whole.  Each Founder becomes an honorary member of our Team for their Lifetime and do not pay dues as long as they remain a Founder in good standing.

Founders also decide on which volunteers fulfill which duties.  

3.6    General Powers are held and delegated by the Founders.

The Founders establish policies, and conduct, manage, and control the affairs and business of the Entity; and make such rules and regulations as are consistent with these By-Laws and the laws of Federal, State, and local governments, as the Founders may deem best.  Our Team does not have a board of directors and we do not elect officers.

Every year during our November membership meeting, our Founders will ask the Council Members present who among them would like to volunteer for the following responsibilities for the upcoming calendar year.

a)    Treasurer – deposit funds and keep financial records
b)    Secretary – record each meeting and prepare minutes
c)    Membership – process membership applications, integrate new members
d)    Outreach – actively pursue new membership and new program partners
In the event that no volunteers are available, the Founders must take over these responsibilities themselves until volunteers are available.